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Nov 5, 2016

This Episode is a SwapCast with my new friend Erik Yoshimoto from the "Voices From The Planet" Podcast. Located out in Hawaii, Erik and I skyped this podcast after a gig I had working with Bob Bowling Audio. It was a great conversation and I can't wait to talk to him again! Check out Erik and his Podcast on iTunes and Soundcloud. 

On Instagram at @voicesfromtheplanet

and on Twitter at @VFTP_Podcast

Jul 29, 2016

Hero Jr. joins Bob Bowling and I in studio! They are a bunch of AWESOME dudes who play some INCREDIBLE Rock Music. Check them out at

Tracks played throughout podcast:

Bottom of the End

Graveyard of Mirrors

Mixed Race Indiana Marriage 

Anger Room

Recorded Live at Bob Bowling Audio

Apr 14, 2016

My good friend and fellow Music Lover, Lyricist and Rap Artist, Risharee Santos a/k/a FONTE CRUISE, joins me on the Podcast this week. Stay tuned for big things from Fonte and check out The Lucky Roosevelt Experience in Philadelphia on May 8, 2016 at The FIRE!

You can find Fonte on social media at @FonteCruise


Mar 26, 2016

Tal Mordehay, Jr. skypes in from Israel on OneByOne's first SkypeCast! We had a fun conversation about his trip to LA last year and his appearance on Kill Tony, how Joe Rogan and Joey Diaz brought him up on the X-Mas Eve episode of JRE and his future in Comedy! Tal is an incredible person and I'm honored to have met him thru the CHURCH/DEATHSQUAD Family and I can't wait to see what he does in the future. You can find Tal on Twitter at and also check out his Podcast on iTunes called "The Loser's Venture Podcast with Co-Host Victoria J, Hurney here: and on his Podcast website here: 


Mar 16, 2016

This Podcast was recorded back in August of 2015 and I never released it because I wasn't sure if I wanted too, but here it is. I go over how Music can give you an Emotional feeling even when you're not looking for it. 


Music included:

Santo & Johnny - Sleep Walk

Incubus - Vitamin


Mar 13, 2016

Lennon Cantwell of the band "Burned Out, Still Glowing" joins me on this episode of the Podcast and we had a great conversation ranging from Pantera to the Presidential Debates to the Harlem Globetrotters and More! Enjoy!


Check out his band on Facebook 


or on Twitter at 


Their Ep "IMAGE IS IMAGINARY" can be found on iTunes here: 

Mar 13, 2016

Frank and I shoot the shit for the first Video Episode of OneByOne.

We go over things like the Grammy's and The first time we got drunk...

Fun times!



Check out Frank and his Cover Band 23North at a local venue near you if you live in the South Jersey area!!! 



Check out the YouTube Video here: 

Feb 15, 2016

Shawnee Houlihan joins me this time along with Bob Bowling at his awesome Studio in Atco, NJ. We talk about her new album, "You Again", that she recorded at Bob Bowling Audio and what she plans to do in the days to come. "You Again" is an incredible album. Shawnee brought the songs into the studio as acoustic tracks and Bob, along with Bill and Nate from "Heroes in Error", helped fill in the incredible sound that the album came to be. Check out Shawnee on her website at or look up her name on Facebook, YouTube or Twitter, and find her on Instagram at @shawneesaurusrex Also, go buy "You Again on iTunes here: 

For a recording session with Bob Bowling audio, visit his website at 

See the in-studio performance video of "The Haunting" here: 

and the Live Full Band performance of "The Haunting" here: 

Jan 7, 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR! This is a short but sweet Podcast... I get into why 2016 ROCKS so far including working with my new Family over at THE CHURCH OF WHAT'S HAPPENING NOW! with Joey "Coco" Diaz and Lee Syatt and getting asked by the Great and Powerful Ian Edwards to make a few NEW YEARS EVE Show Flyers for him! Not to mention all of the Retweets by JOE ROGAN on Twitter/Instagram. I'm so excited and honored to know these incredible Comedians, even if it's just a little bit. They inspire me to do what I do and helping with Tour Posters, Flyers and Album Covers for these guys is the LEAST I can do to repay them for the POSITIVE KARMIC CURRENCY they've already given to me over the past few years. Stay Tuned! BIG THINGS are HAPPENING in 2016!!!


Go check out the "SAVAGE DAD" Tour dates for 2016 at