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OneByOne is a state of mind. One by One... Day by Day... Make life work for YOU! And help make people while you're at it. That's what it's all about.
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Dec 4, 2015

The extremely talented, Dan Marro, joined me on 12/2/15 and we went DEEP! We discuss his new EP coming out in March of 2016 call "Snafu" and you'll get to hear 3 tracks throughout the podcast. Dan also did an Acoustic performance at the end, around 3 hours and 19 minutes in. Also check out Dan's Youtube series called "Out of the Box with Dan" ( )where he interviews people with inspiring stories. Dan Marro can be found on Facebook ( )and on Instagram at @danmarromusic - Enjoy the conversation and the tunes!

Also check out Bianca's Kids (a great charity Dan had on his Webshow!) at 



Nov 7, 2015

I recently had the pleasure of being able to record a song with Bob Bowling so we sat down and talked a little about the production and how the song was taken from Voice Memo to GarageBand and finally brought to Bob Bowling Audio to re-imagine. I'm really happy with the outcome and proud of what we pulled off together in studio. Go visit to set up something and go record a song with an INCREDIBLE producer. Bob CARES about your music! Also check out his new Twitter account or OneByOne at 

Enjoy, WITHOUT A TRACE around the 55 minute mark. 

Oct 28, 2015

Born Wisdom joins me on the Podcast and we go DEEP! He's a Lyricist who's got a lot to say and you will hear a lot here on this podcast. Check out his music on ReverbNation here: And also check out "Pin Me Down" on ReverbNation here: It was an honor and a pleasure to have him on and I can't wait to hear new music with his new band. This is the first recording of "Pin Me Down" live at an open mic with "Josh Mayer": and another version with 
"Charge the Atlantic" and "Josh Mayer": ENJOY and get to know BORN WISDOM!

Oct 20, 2015

SEVENDUST is back with their 10th Studio Album and I'm back with my 10th Episode. I decided to try this out after never writing or recording an album review before but it was fun to do and I might do it again. I downloaded the album from iTunes last week and have been listening to it ever since. It is GREAT and you'll hear me talk all about that in this episode. Go get the album for yourself here... 

Sep 16, 2015

Jacob Graff, joins me this week on the Podcast! We only get to scratch the surface so Jacob will HAVE to come back on the show. We talk about his last album “WEST BY SOUTHWEST”, which you can find on iTunes here:

Also check him out on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM. And ANY time he’s in your area, go check him out. He’s an incredible musician and a great singer. You will not be disappointed.

Stay Tuned for Jacob’s latest record coming out in a few months called “HIS MUSIC LIVES IN YOU” of which two tracks on the podcast are taken from. It was an honor and a pleasure.


Recorded 9/15/14 and Released 9/16/15


Sep 3, 2015

A bunch of us were recently laid off from our day jobs and this was what it sounded like from the inside of my pocket. I've atari-blocked out the names for legal purposes...

ONE BY ONE is on:


Soundcloud at:

Facebook at:




AND on YOUTUBE!!! Just look up Onebyone Podcast!

Aug 19, 2015

This was just a little improptu get together at Frank's new place, "THE BARN". The AC was on and the levels were a little high but... No intro. No outro. Just real this time. We talk about how stupid it is that Pot is STILL ILLEGAL in this country, the band Tool, throwing Shitballs and our mutual friend Ben Buckner. It was a fun time so enjoy.

Intro Music - 

Muse - Uprising - from the album "The Resistance"

Aug 17, 2015

Eric Snover and Bill "DaDrill" Ditzler from CRYBABY RECORDS join Bob Bowling and I in Studio to discuss the label and what their goals are for the future. Check out CRYBABY RECORDS at: and on Twitter @xcrybabyrecords and Instagram @crybabyrecords - You can find Bob Bowling at and And find OneByOne at: - - and on Twitter and Instagram at @onebyonepodcast - Also, find my song "Ectoplasm" on Reverbnation




Aug 10, 2015

Brendan Marro joins me on the Podcast this week to talk about his love for the Beatles, playing in Beatles Tribute bands and how he learned to play left-handed Bass to pull off  the part of Paul McCartney. He's 19 and also just started playing in a cover band called Shut Up Justice. Check out Shut up Justice below!

Check out OneByOne on Twitter @onebyonepodcast hosted by @mklein27

 OnebyOne Website:

 Theme Song made by me: Mission:Control - Reverbnation Page below.




Aug 5, 2015

Corey James Presner, Lead Singer of PLANTATION (Original Grunge/Rock Band) joins me this week on the Podcast!

He also has solo original music out as well and graced our ears with a LIVE performance of “A Temptation” which is soon to be recorded/released.

Check him out on Reverbnation here: or on Facebook here: 

Corey will be playing live with PLANTATION at the 2015 Hollystock Music Festival on 8/8/15 @ 5pm. Check out Hollystock here: 

Corey will also be playing at the Liberty Music Fest on 8/29/15. Check out Liberty Music Fest here:  

Don’t forget to check out PLANTATION on iTunes, Reverbnation and Facebook here:



Jul 30, 2015

Frank C. Morley, Guitarist for the band 23NORTH (, joins me Live in the Great Room!

Check out Frank's Music Page here:

Check out 23NORTH here:

Recorded on 07/27/2015

Music: OneByOne Theme Song by:



Jul 28, 2015

Bob Bowling, Owner and Producer at "Bob Bowling Audio Recording" joins me live in his studio in Atco, NJ.

To SCHEDULE a SESSION or to come check out the Studio, check out:

Or on Instagram at:

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Recorded Live on 07/27/2015

Music: OneByOne Theme Song -









Jul 26, 2015

Greetings! This is the first of MANY Podcasts to come. I want to get to know the Hearts and Minds of the Artists and Musicians of our Nation, One by One. I would like to release content at least once a week with Interviews and Conversations with Artists and Musicians and really get to know what it’s like to be in their shoes. This is going to be FUN! I’ve learned a lot from other Podcasters including, but not limited to, Joe Rogan and the Joe Rogan Experience (, Joey “Coco” Diaz and The Church of What’s Happening Now! with Lee Syatt ( (, and Duncan Trussell and The Duncan Trussell Family Hour Podcast ( Also, Podcasts like RadioLab (, Serial ( and Marc Maron’s “WTF” ( have influenced my ideas a great deal. I love Music, Comedy and Storytelling so let’s get the show on the road!

Please check out the Website and Social Media Pages and join the ride!



Foo Fighters (

“Stranger Things Have Happened” from the album “Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace”